Well hello there! Welcome to my formidable abode.

Whether you made it here through reading the content and just wanted to know who i was, or if you just reached through some twist of fate, I thank you for taking the time and hope that you do stay to enjoy the content.

I am a metallurgical engineer, by degree, if you will. By profession however, i work in the IT industry at a multinational. I am working as a Project Manager in the Education space.

Circumstances made me turn into an IT guy, and now i am hoping to get an MBA degree to continue on this path i have chosen. Writing is like second nature to me. I am naturally curious and my knowledge in current IT trends helps me build on it. I have been involved in Bitcoin since 2012, allowing me to share quite a bit of knowledge on that particular subject.

I am an avid gamer, having played Multiplayer games especially Dota for more than 10 years now. I find myself in a bit of a nostalgic mode as i write this, time does fly. In hindsight, that does seem like a really long time playing a video game. Lastly, i am a fitness enthusiast and like to keep myself in shape. I can be found jogging in my local park everyday after my office hours. When i do find some few hours to myself, i read novels and books, and work on my budding coding skills!

Through this blog, i want to reach out to the masses with the knowledge that i have amassed in the world of technology and lifestyle, share my enthusiasm and hopefully enrich the lives of my readers. Sounds dramatic i’m sure, but i am sincere.

If you made it till this point, thank you. Reach out to me if you have any queries at all.



p.s. the image above is a very accurate representation of myself, especially the lack of hair and the presence of a beard. The skin is not so clear though, yet i hope.